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Some cool stuff

JJ has graduated! Click here to check out the pictures from the graduation!

(there's a video too: check out the engineering video around 1:37:15)

Some neat videos of my project at UC Davis:
Deus Ex Machina - an automous vehicle for Freescale Cup & Natcar
A video of the car at the US West Freescale Cup Regional - We got 6th place! (Hehe, Berkeley got 7th ;))
At NATCAR, we got 4th place :D (click for the video)

These are fun to look at sometimes:
My Bitbucket Page
My Deviant Art Page

And here's a couple of gaming websites I made back in the day.
VGMasters - The 9010.us Forum
z3lda, my zelda fan site

Got any questions? Feel free to contact me: -JJ[-at-]9010.us